First of all I want to thank you for visiting my site,

Hi I'm Mustafa and I am from Sarajevo - Bosnia and Herzegovina.
I'm a darbuka or doumbek player for about 10 years. Beside this hobby I'm also very interested in photography, graphic design and design in general - so in relation with that I'm also a web designer. Since I never wanted to quit any of these hobbies, I've realised that it would be interesting idea to make my own project where I would incorporate them...and I did in a form of this web site. Eventhough lately I'm pretty focused on web design, my "relative old" love darbuka is not faded and there's a lot of love for a darbuka drums still.
If you like this kind of drums than I hope that you'll like this site and these darbukas. The web site is not completed yet, since some of very important things are still missing - like audio samples of the drums (coming soon), than paypal method of payment (which is currently not available for Bosnia and Herzegovina), and some other small details...but generally speaking I hope that even this starting web site is good enough to be bookmarked at your favorite list...

This is obviously a commercial web site through which you can order and buy already handmade darbuka or even order previously customized drum to fit your own needs and of course your lap...Wheater you would like a normal size darbuka or bigger size doholla with a specific color - this web site is here to help you in that process of customization (see color picker page or contact me for other suggestions). Since the whole process of darbuka making is done by me (and not by some mass production factory), that means that it takes some time to make the drum for you and you'll have to wait for a couple of weeks to get what you've ordered, because that's how long it usually takes to build a quality darbuka or doumbek. The proces of making drum is relative slow since no machines are used and the whole drum is literally Handmade. Depending on model of Darbuka - building proces "from scratch to final" could last even up to 1 month! (drums like Antique and Antique II are very challanging to make).

hmmm...what else can I say except: Enjoy the site!


Darbuka Custom - Buy One-Of-A-Kind Artistic Doumbeks Dumbeks

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